Weekly Stats 11/4/16

Good habits help people live good lives…this relates to your financial well being too.  Part of what I get out of bed for everyday, is for the opportunity to help someone with one of, if not THE most important transactions of their adult lives:  Buying or Selling a home.

I coach my clients to stay informed about the market.  One way to this is to review my weekly market statistic blogs (Ok, I do miss a week here and there, but….).  Take a look.  Check-in once or twice a month and follow the trends.  All market information will help you make a better decision when the time comes for you and your home.

Charts below show both Active Listings and Listings in Contract for both Single Family Homes and Condos/Townhouses.  There is a chart for Santa Clara County and a separate one for Santa Cruz County.  You will see that although geographically near each other,  both markets are unique.  Have a question?  I am just a phone call away and happy to be of service.  In the mean time, take a look.  Stay informed.




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