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Where to find Sandbags in Santa Clara County

Its  finally raining!  Now that El Nino is here, we are beginning to witness the effects of too much rain in a short period of time.  Some folks might find the detailed information noted below useful.  As reported today by Campbell Patch, below is a list of location through-out Santa Clara Valley where sand bags are available. As noted in the article, it would be prudent to bring along a small shovel, just in case you may have to bag your own sandbags.  Stay safe my friends.  Rob

The storms that we all hope break the drought, or at least put a dent in it, have finally arrived. Unfortunately, flooding and mudslides are also expected.

Cities in Santa Clara County, along with the Santa Clara Valley Water District, have set up more than two dozen sites where you can pick up free sandbags. Most are pre-filled, but piles of sand and empty bags are also provided in case the pre-filled bags run out. If you have one available, take a shovel – just in case.

Since most of us live in one city while working in another, all sandbag sites are listed for your convenience. Some sites require proof of residency so take a photo ID.

2016 Sandbag Locations in Santa Clara County:

  • Alviso: northeast corner of Gold and Catherine streets
  • Campbell: City Corporation Yard, 290 South Dillon Ave., (408) 866-2145, Mon.–Fri. 7 a.m. – 3:30 p.
  • Cupertino: City Corporation Yard, 10555 Mary Ave. Bags and sand available all day. (408) 777-3269, Mon. – Fri. 6 a.m. – 3:30 p.m., after hours: County Communications (408) 299-2507
  • Gilroy: Fire Station, 7070 Chestnut St. at 10th Street, bags and sand available in the parking lot behind re station. (408) 846-0451, after hours: (408) 846-0350 (leave msg)
  • Los Altos: Municipal Service Center, 707 Fremont Ave. at McKenzie Park parking lot. Bags and sand available all day. (650) 947-2785, after hours: (650) 947-2770
  • Los Altos Hills: Corporation Yard, 27500 Purissima Rd. at the Little League Field. (650) 941-7222, Mon.- Fri. 7:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
  • Los Gatos/Monte Sereno: 41 Miles Avenue at Balzer Field parking lot (Monte Sereno citizens pick up at Los Gatos site), bags and sand available anytime at lot. (408) 399-5770, after hours: (408) 354-8600
  • Milpitas: 540 S. Abel Street
  • Milpitas: Additional bags located at the Sports Center at 1325 E. Calaveras Blvd. (408) 586-2643, after hours: (408) 586-2400
  • Morgan Hill: City Corporation Yard, 100 Edes Ct., Mon. – Fri. 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., open all day, bags and sand available antyime outside gate. (408) 776-7333, after hours (408) 779-2101
  • Morgan Hill: El Toro Fire Station, 18300 Old Monterey Road
  • Mountain View: Public Services, 231 N. Whisman Ave. (Located at Whisman Rd. and Gladys Ave.) (650) 903-6329, after hours: (650) 903-6395. Bags and sand available all day at parking lot
  • Palo Alto: 1925 Embarcadero Road, adjacent to Palo Alto Air Terminal
  • Palo Alto: Mitchell Park, 600 E. Meadow Drive near baseball eld. Bags and sand available all day. (650) 496-6974, after hours: (650) 329-2413
  • Palo Alto: Rinconada Park Tennis Court Parking Lot (intersection of Hopkins Avenue and Newell Road). (650) 496-6974, after hours: (650) 329-2413
  • San Jose: City Mabury (Service) Yard, 1404 Mabury Road, San Jose, CA 95133
  • San Jose: City Central Service Yard, 1661 Senter Road at Phelan Ave., San Jose, CA 95122
  • San Jose: Santa Clara Valley Water District Winfield Warehouse, Winfield Boulevard between Blossom Hill Road and Coleman Avenue, San Jose, CA 95123
  • San Jose: County East Yard, 1505 Schallenberger Rd., Mon. – Fri., 7:30 am. – 4 p.m. (408) 494-2750, after hours: County Communications (408) 299-2507 10 San Jose • County West Yard, 11030 Doyle Rd., bags and sand available anytime outside gate (408) 366-3100, after hours: County Communications (408) 299-2507 11
  • San Jose: City West Yard, 5090 Williams Road,  sandbags available anytime outside gate. (408) 277-4373
  • San Jose: City South Yard, 4420 Monterey Rd. at Skyway Drive,  sandbags available anytime outside gate. (408) 361-6818
  • Santa Clara: City Corporation Yard, 1700 Walsh Ave. (408) 615-3080, after hours: (408) 615-5640 Available 8 a.m.– 4 p.m. inside gate
  • Saratoga: Corporation Yard, 19700 Allendale Ave., near Post Ofce, bags and sand available anytime outside gate. (408) 868-1245, after hours: County Communications (408) 299-2507
  • Sunnyvale: Corporation Yard, 221 Commercial St. at end of California Street. Bags and sand available all day. (408) 730-7510, Mon. – Fri. 6:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., after hours: (408) 730-7180

St. Frances Cabrini Fiesta- Join the Fun!

Vamos A La Fiesta!


Carnival Rides galore!
Enjoy scrumptious Mexican, Italian, American, Assyrian & Asian cuisine! Menu also includes pepper steak, hamburgers, burritos and pizza. Food booths will be open Friday, night too!

Margarita & Beer booths open all weekend. Silent Auction: Bid on all our baskets – each with a different theme!

Drawing is Sunday at approximately 5:30 PM.

Booth Games: Great games including spin art, basketball throw, ring toss, and many more!

Recycle Your e-Waste!

Community Event:  eWaste Recycling, Saturday 2/7/15
Community Event: eWaste Recycling, Saturday 2/7/15

We all have those unused devices lurking around:  Outdated, not functioning or no longer needed.  Get a head start on your Spring cleaning.  Come by Intero Willow Glen office Saturday, 2/7/15. And, for a great cause.   Intero Foundation provides support to our local community.  If you would like more information, just contact me.   Happy recycling!